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If it’s good music you’re after, you have definitely come to the right place! Something for the Weekend is a weekly series rounding up the latest and greatest musical finds – just in time for the weekend! They say you can’t please everyone, we say otherwise; our writers have an eclectic taste in music, so we’re sure there’s a little something for everyone in our twenty-eighth #SFTW episode.

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Alvin’s Picks


With Monday being the date set for the release of Rihanna’s seventh studio album, and astonishingly her fourth album in four consecutive years, this week saw the interwebs flooded with snippets and tracks from the Barbadian pop Queen. This track sees a short but invigorate feature from rap heavyweight Eminem, whom Rihanna seems to have a liking to, with this not being her first collaboration with him. As usual, Rihanna will have her sights set on the number one spot in the charts with this EP, and with some hit singles like Diamonds set to be on it, we can understandably see why.


In collaboration with the release of the video game Hitman: Absolution and London-based clothing brand Trapstar (as seen on the likes of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Cara Delevingne), producer Benga released this dub track complemented by a visual in promotional efforts. The visual sees the DJ/producer on the decks underwater sporting the new Trapstar x Hitman clothing which will be released online and instore on the 20th November. With Benga stating earlier this year of his desire to move away from the dubstep genre and into other areas of music to enable him to ‘remain creative’, it’ll be interesting to see where he goes from this point on his journey.


The quirky quartet from Los Angeles, known as OverDoz., this week released this decelerated track for fans called Dear God. With the group progressively making their mark on the American underground scene, even receiving recognition and shout-outs from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Pharrell and Kendrick Lamar, this track comes as a good marker indicating the capabilities of the group. The track produced by The Futuristiks, sees all four of them lay verses on this clever beat and coming together to form a classy song, which will definitely be on my playlist for the weekend. Be sure to check out the group’s previous single Lauren London, and watch out for these guys!

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James’ Picks


The History of Apple Pie are one those bands that fell into the twenty first century after being dragged through a 1980s time warp with nothing but a handful of nostalgia. Now, I’m not saying that a 60-year-old version of yourself is going to turn up at a bar warning you of your future downfall, but the opening fuzz-infused guitars are enough to convince me that when he does show up, I should probably listen. Then, Stephanie Min’s dreamlike vocals breach through the layers of guitar scuzz and remind you just why “Glitch” is a product of the year 2012, in a really good way


Joey Bada$$’s 1991 has to be one of the dopest mixtapes released all year and It’s no wonder the world is going $$$ crazy for Joey at the moment, himself included. The Pro Era frontman released “Waves” as an official single earlier this week and teamed up with TDE real thinker, Ab-Soul, for the accompanying B-side. “Enter the Void” see’s Joey return to that trademark brashness and steazy flow, ranting against the drones of Apple consumerism and asserting himself as the ‘messiah of rap’. Now, the last time I heard someone compare themselves to a religious figure was outside a mental hospital, and whilst I don’t know what his medical history states, I do think that it’s gonna be a pretty huge year for Bada$$. Messiah like? Maybe.


You know how annoying it is when you’re trying to walk the wrong way down a busy street whilst singing and starring dreamy eyed into a camera, only to end up landing face down in a slab of pavement. No? Well, me neither but fortunately for lead singer, Dan Geddes, he manages to get right back up and continue serenading us in the video for their break-out single. The video was directed by Liam Mitchell and “Your Hand In Mine” is taken from the bands sophomore album, The World Is Too Much With Us, which was released earlier this year. PEACE.

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James Embiricos

Music & Film Critic

YO! I’m James, a freelance journalist from London who is currently studying on the South coast. I am a music and film writer who contributes to a number of publications as well as being the founder of music site, Decibel Soup. I will be bringing you anything and everything when it comes to music and films – old and new. Stay tuned!

Something For The Weekend | Episode Twenty-Eight

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