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Tomorrow will mark exactly one week since the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. Much of the buzz surrounding the Games involved creating a legacy or as Seb Coe likes to put it, inspiring a generation. I definitely support London’s decision to host Olympics; never have I seen the capital brimming with such pride and culture – a far cry from where we were just one year ago! However, in times of austerity, we must also remember that the Games were more than just a sporting event – they were a £12bn investment that promised to help boost our economy. The reason why I’m bringing this up now is because I recently came across some disturbing photos which depict derelict and abandoned Olympic sites belonging to former hosts. Some are even as recent as 2008!

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So, the question is, will London suffer from similar degeneration? I doubt it. Or, at least I hope not. I think our government is aware of how much they have invested into the London 2012 Olympics not just financially, but sweat equity too!

Anyway, here are the photographs:

Beijing 2008 – Beach Volley Ball Stadium

[Image credit: David Gray via The Atlantic]

Beijing 2008 – Kayak Venue

[Image credit: David Gray via The Atlantic]

Athens 2004 – Sports Complex

[Image credit: Jamie McGregor Smith via It’s Nice That]

Athens 2004 – Helliniko Softball Stadium

[Image credit: Jamie McGregor Smith via It’s Nice That]

Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics  - Ski Jump Venue

[Image credit: Karen Barlow via cloudlessness]

Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics - Luge and Bobsleigh Track

[Image credit: Karen Barlow via cloudlessness]

Munich 1972 Olympics - Olympic Stadium Train Station

[Image credit: Twin City Photos]

Hämeenlinna 1952 Olympics – Olympics Swimming Stadium

[Image credit: Höök]

Berlin 1936 Olympics – Olympic Village

[Image credit: Abandoned Berlin]


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Abandoned Olympic Sites

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