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Honestly, have you ever seen a watch like this before? Brought to you by Swiss watch manufacturer MB&F, The HM4 Thunderbolt, which stands for Horological Machine N­­°4 Thunderbolt, is not just a watch – it is a work of art. Indeed, it took horologists (watchmakers) Laurent Besse and Beranger Reynard three years of intensive work to design and develop this aviation-inspired watch. While 99% of watches are made to tell the time, MB&F’s creations are “micro-mechanical sculptures” – timekeeping is secondary.



Albeit an impressive piece of machinery, to buy the HM4 Thunderbolt would cost you a small fortune – £105,000 to be precise. So, for now, I guess all we can do is drool over these visuals:

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Aqil Rouf


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MB&F | HM4 Thunderbolt

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